How you kiss

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"I wish we had more time," said Caspian sadly. Susan smiled a little.
"It wouldn't work out." King looked confusedly.
"Why?" he asked.
"I am thirteen hundred years older," Susan pointed and turned to leave. But then she changed her mind. She came back to Caspian and kissed him.
He embraced her and every one - Telmarine or Narnian - was silent.
Then they heard a chuckle.
And another.
Susan straightened herself confusedly.
And then chuckles grew into noisy laughter.
"Cut!" Andrew Adamson groaned and all the video cameras stopped filming. Director turned to William Moseley, the one, who ruined the scene. They tried to film this so many times, because Anne always did something wrong - all people from crew thought it was because she wanted to kiss Ben more.
"Is there any problem, William? Or why do you ruin my movie?" he asked, frowning. It was almost last scene from movie and they have been making it nearly three days!
William stood up from his stool and walked to Anne. He was still wearing his costume and as he towered above her, he looked really hot. She swallowed.
The blonde smiled.
"This is how you kiss?" he asked, smirking. "I am sure no one wants to be kissed like that. Ben nor anyone else. Or you want to be kissed like that, Ben?" William turned to nervous actor who was still holding sword in his right hand.
Asked one didn't seem to manage proper answer, so Will made few steps and he suddenly stood in front of Ben. His wonderful blue eyes were fixed into the dark deep ones.
Then he pulled Ben closer by his neck and connected their lips in breathtaking kiss. At first Ben was stunned, but then he slowly put one his hand on Will's waist. There was small noise when he dropped the sword to tangle fingers of his right hand into the William's blond hair.
They forgot that they weren't alone.
William pulled Ben even closer and gently sucked his bottom lip. Ben parted his lips to let blonde's tongue to explore his hot and well known - just for William - mouth. He gripped Will's shirt tightly and responded by his tongue. Their tongues were fighting and dancing and it felt so wonderful, he thought he would explode.
Ben could swear that he saw the Big Bang, like always when they kissed. He saw how the galaxy formed and he felt so much desire and heat that he thought he would erupt.
He moaned into Will's mouth and he heard the blond snickered. He didn't care. He didn't care even about the crew. He was in William's arms and that was the only thing that mattered.
When the "High King" pulled away small moan of displeasure escaped Ben's lips. William chuckled and kissed him once again on swollen lips.
He turned to Anne.
"THIS is how you kiss. But only one person can kiss him like that. Me," he announced proudly and ran his hand through Ben's hair.
Then he caressed Ben's cheek and left with everyone from crew watching.


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1 Sandra Trümper Sandra Trümper | Web | 9. dubna 2011 v 19:04 | Reagovat

No... ty víš, jak to zbožňuju, že jo? xD absolutně mě nadchnul už jenom samotný ten nápad... a sice moje angličtina není zase tak vytříbená, ale dělám pokroky :-D
A ten obrázek je jednoduše skvělý! :-)

2 Elie Elie | Web | 10. dubna 2011 v 14:27 | Reagovat

Jáj :D
Tohle bylo úžasný, i když, přiznávám, něco jsem si hodila do Googlu :D
Nejvíc mě rozesmálo, když mi Google přeložil větu "She came back to Caspian and kissed him." ( Rozumím jí i normálně, al byla to jen zkouška Googlu :D ) na "Vrátila se do Kaspického moře a políbila ho." Nevím proč, ale smála jsem se :D

3 Janiie Janiie | Web | 12. dubna 2011 v 14:27 | Reagovat

tak ok... moje angličtina je děsná.. příšerná.. (to bude tím, že mám učitelku co nedokáže nic naučit..) ale zvládla jsem to aspoň trochu... chápu o čem to bylo... ten nápad byl skvělý.. moc se mi ten příběh líbí :-)

moc se ti to povedlo. těším se na další dílo :-) takhle bych se anglicky přece jen mohla přiučit ;-)

4 ♫ Synthia ♫ ♫ Synthia ♫ | Web | 26. dubna 2011 v 20:17 | Reagovat

škoda že tomu moc nerozumím,moje angličtina je fakt dost děravá :D :D a google mi taky moc nepomohl ale myslím že příběh jsem pochopila :D

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